Logo Design

A logo is an important piece of any successful business. Simple, yet memorable, is often best.

I enjoy tapping into my creative side to design effective logos for local clients.

Here are some samples of what I've made so far.Here's a logo I made for a CPA and Financial Planner. The large block letters highlight the initials of his name while the graph line shows how everyone wants their portfolio to look. I did my best to match the colors on a five dollar bill.

This logo is for a plumber so a faucet image makes that plain. The name of the business within the image unifies the logo into something folks can remember.

This logo is for a mobile mechanic that comes to where the vehicle is. The idea of a wrench on wheels drives that point home while placing the company name on it, too.

This is a second option for the same mobile mechanic. A toolbox on wheels is exactly what you want to see when you're stranded or need work done on your car while you're at work.This logo is for a real estate investor group. The house shape shows the real estate link. The red, white and blue letters are what the client asked for to incorporate a patriotic theme.

These are just the beginning of some ideas that can be made to set your business apart from the competition. I listen to your ideas of what you're looking for before I design a logo. Sometimes I'll make something different so you have a choice.

Call today to see what we can design for your logo.



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