Social Media Marketing

You were told your business needs a Facebook page. So you put one up even though you had no idea what you were supposed to do with it.

Now you have this key piece of social media real estate that you haven't touched in several months if not years.

Do you know what people wonder when they actually search for and find this page?

"Are these folks still in business?", you do not want that message going out.

I feel your pain. Keeping up with these things is time consuming. You need to concentrate on what you love to do...your business.

You also want a life outside of your your family and friends. Yeah, that's what I thought. That means you're normal, not a machine.

I have a solution for you...a team actually. A team of people who know the ins and outs of Facebook pages for businesses.

I've got a deal for you, too...a free week and a page makeover.

I thought that would get your attention. It shows you're wise.

My team will make sure your Facebook business page is up to speed in regards to being mobile friendly. Yeah, people look on their phones too much these days. That's why it's important for your page to mobile optimized.

They'll also handle your interactions for you during this trial period. You'll need it after they set up your check-in status on Facebook.

Don't tell me you never heard of Facebook check-ins. Now I know you really need this service.

Swing on over to my dedicated site for this

You can see what level of service you can afford after the week is done. They'll be doing the silver level for you, just so you know.

For the first few clients who sign up I'll be giving a discount. So make sure you call me so I can give you the discount code for the level of service you desire. 214-728-8504

After your business grows we can add other marketing services offered by North Texas Biz Assist into a bundle package.

Each business has unique needs so we'll see what will work best for your goals and budget.

Oh, if after the week trial period you don't see where my team helped your business grow you can cancel everything.

I'll never collect your credit card info. We'll part our separate ways and you'll have a updated Facebook page completed by my experts.

Yeah, I like to think I'm a nice guy like that. It makes for a good reputation.

Just so you know...the price for these monthly fees will be going up as word of how effective this works gets out. I like to grandfather my clients in so hop on this offer before you have to invest more in the future.

Here's the link again

Have a great day.

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